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  1. fifa 18 title update 10 patch (1.12) notes
    On March 26, EA released a new FIFA 18 Title Update - Patch 1.12. Here are the patch notes for PC, Xbox One and PS4.The latest FIFA 18 title update appeared for the PC, the size is 1.5 GB. The changes...
  2. fifa-18-title-update-9-patch-1.11
    FIFA 18 Update 1.10 is now available on PC, and will be coming to Xbox One, PS4. The FIFA 18 Title Update 9 makes several changes to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and online play. Here are all patch no...
  3. fifa-18-title-update-7
    FIFA 18 Title Update 7 drops on PC now and the 1.58 GB sized version 1.10 patch will come to Xbox One and PS4 in next week! What changes it brings? Check out the full patch notes here! FIFA 18 Ti...
  4. FIFA 18 Title Update 6 - 1.09 Patch Notes
    EA Sports has released the FIFA 18 Title Update 6 for the PC version, it is the Patch 1.09 for that platform. This latest FIFA 18 patch 6 which addresses a number of the most vocally complained about ...
  5. FIFA 18 Title Update 1.07 Patch Notes For PC, PS4, Xbox One
    FIFA 18 Patch 1.07 (Title Update 5) is already live on the PC for download and installation, the one for PS4 and Xbox One will follow later, keeping fixing the issues and bugs in gameplay, FIFA Ultima...
  6. fifa 18 update 1.06 patch notes for xbox one, ps4, pc
    FIFA 18 Title Update 1.06 is available to download for Xbox One, PS4, and this Title Update 4 has been released on PC a few weeks ago. The FIFA 18 Patch 1.06 with 1.8G in size for Xbox One, and 1.04G ...
  7. FIFA 18 Title Update 4 (Patch 1.07)
    After some Server Releases, the fifth FIFA 18 Title Update Patch for PC,  1.06 Patch for PS4, 1.07 Patch for Xbox One is live now. The new patch fix the a bunch of issues in Gameplay, F...
  8. FIFA 18 Patch 1.05(PS4) - 1.06(Xbox One) - Title Update 4 Patch Notes - Fix FUT Squad Battles AI Exploit On PS4, Xbox One and PC
    EA Sports has released a new FIFA 18 Title Update 4, as patch 1.06 for Xbox One and patch 1.05 for PS4, which occupies little more than 742MB on the Microsoft console and about 529MB on Xbox One. The ...
  9. FIFA 18 Title Update 3 Patch Notes - Patch 1
    FIFA 18 Title Update 3 - Patch 1.05 has been released for PC, and will be available on Xbox One and PS4 in the coming weeks. The 1.34 G new patch features many changes and issues on gameplay, FIFA Ult...
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